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Improving Web Search with Implicit Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion Over Multiple Search Engines

Introduction: There are several web based search engines which facilitate searching information over the internet. However, usually the search results in lengthy lists of links to the web pages that the user needs to traverse to get information. Moreover, user might visit more than one search engines to get relevant results. This makes the search […]


Forward debugging is one of the most commonly found debugging mechanism present in the state-of-the art tools. Often, during debugging, we make mistakes that force us to re-run the complete project again. It may become irritating when you are debugging a complex data-structure at a particular state. There are some solutions present to this problem. […]

Distributed Computing

Devices are found in abundance around us. Most of the times, the resources available at each devices are not fully utilized. Moreover, with increase in computational capabilities of mobile and handheld devices, it is worth to explore distributed computing on these hand held devices. First of all this Idea is not new. There is a […]